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Planet Books has MOVED!!!!

Due to technical difficulties here at Live Journal, I have moved this on-line book club to
I do hope you'll join us over there!!!!  You can easily vote for the October title at our new home and I believe you will have an easier time posting comments as well.
Thanks for making Planet Books a successful online book club!!!!

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2nd Place Gets a 2nd Chance

Poll #1062533 Vote For October's Book Here

Which 2nd Place Title will you give a 2nd Chance To Win?

The Year of Magical Thinking
Snow Flower & The Secret Fan
Atonement: A Novel
A Farewell To Arms
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It's time to vote for the October title!!  Since so many of you voted for books that didn't win over the last four months, I thought I would bring back the second place titles for a second chance at winning.  Just
click on poll above and cast your vote.  The poll will be open until Wednesday, October 3rd.

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And the September book will be....

.... "LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE" by Laura Esquirel.  There were four votes total for this book and two votes for "An Affair To Remember".  
I already have a copy thanks to my sister, Sonja.  I am glad to finally have the opportunity to take it off of my "To Be Read (TBR)" shelf and read it.  
My book club here in Okinawa will be reading "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah.  
I hope you all enjoy our selection this month and I'll start posting questions on Sunday, September 30th.  
Happy Reading!
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TND - Question #2

Hey Y'all!  I am hoping to get our membership numbers up this next month.  I am the Editor-In-Chief of "Chop Talk" this year.  This newsletter is a publication produced by MOSC, The Marine Officers' Spouses' Club here in Okinawa.  I will be attending my first board meeting this morning and will be posting our web address here at Planet Books in the September and October newsletters.  
Hopefully we will have some new voices to spice things up a bit more.  
Thanks to everyone who commented on the first set of questions the other day.  I am sorry I haven't been consistent with posting questions.  It's a busy week here on The Island.

1.  If you had the money that the X's had and could enrich your child's life with exotic foods, violin lessons, private schooling and French classes, would you and why? What do you think is appropriate for a child and what crosses the line?

2.  What kind of person do you think Grayer will grow up to be?

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The Nanny Diaries : Question #1

So, did you enjoy THE NANNY DIARIES?  It had been about four years since I read this and between then and now I have also read THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.  I just read a review on-line (can't remember if it was The Washington Post or what) and the movie is making critics wonder if Hollywood is trying to duplicate the success of DEVIL with N. DAIARIES.  
When reading it TND this time around I did find myself seeing similarities to DEVIL.  I guess I had really enjoyed DEVIL so much that reading TND again wasn't as fun the second time around.  
Anyway, I'll get to the first question now.  I'm actually going to use two questions from an on-line reading guide where I'll be pulling questions from for this title.

1. Why do you think the characters are never assigned real names?

2. Considering the harsh and fickle treatment Nan receives from Mrs. X, why do you think she stays with the family?

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Extending the Date

So far I have only received three votes for September's title and they are all for different books.  I will keep the voting open through the end of the week and hoepfully there will be a winner.
I still haven't been able to fix the voting box problem so please leave a comment or e-mail me your vote.  

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September ~ English 101

Hey Y'all!  The summer is almost over and the school supplies are flying off the shelf at the store.  It's almost time for schedules to get busier, school to start and football season.  (Go Skins!)  I had a hard time thinking of a voting theme for this month and then it dawned on me... check out the reading lists for colleges and schools and get you titles from them.  So that's what I did.  This voting poll consists of four very different books but can all be found in English classrooms all over the country.  
These books represent classic literature at it's best and no matter what title wins the vote, we will be in for a great story.
I am having trouble with my Poll creator web site so for now, please cast your vite by leaving a comment or if you have my e-mail, e-mail it to me.  I will close the voting on Monday, August 27th and post the winner that evening.  I will start posting discussion questions for THE NANNY DIARIES this Sunday.
Thanks again for keeping Planet Books going and I hope you are enjoying your experience so far.

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I'm Here.... Are You Still There?!

Hey Everyone!!  How's your month going?  Are you done with THE NANNY DIARIES yet?  Well, I'll be posting discussion questions this coming Sunday, August 26th and we can wrap up this month.  I will be posting titles for the September vote this Friday and closing the voting on Monday, August 27th.  
I have seen the trailers for THE NANNY DIARIES on-line and can't wait to see it.  I hope the military theatres get it over here.  If not, I'll have to wait till the DVD comes out to see it.  :(
If you have any book suggestions for the vote please let me know. 

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Back to being an "Armchair Traveler"

Hey Y'all! I missed you guys. I hope you all had a great week and are having an even better weekend. I returned from Hong Kong and Singapore Friday night and have spent the weekend recovering from Jess and my adventures.
We loved Hong Kong and all it had to show us. Great shopping, wonderful people and beautiful sights. We went up to Victoria's Peak, had drinks at the Felix Bar atop the Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon, visited the Temple Street Night Market, sang karaoke at a Karaoke Box, had two foot reflexology massages, got our hair done in the hotel salon, and took a ferry to Langou Island to visit the GIANT BUDDHA. We stayed at The Park Lane Hong Kong and it was a lovely hotel with a great view from our room.
After five nights in HK we flew four hours south to Singapore (Singapore means Singing Lion Port). Now Hong Kong was very hot and humid and we thought it would be even worse in Singapore. Singapore sits two degrees north of the Equator but it was so much cooler and more comfortable there. We stayed on the famed Orchard Road at the Le Meridian Hotel. Orchard Road is THE place to shop in Singapore and we did plenty of window shopping. We enjoyed gellatto and great food. We took a city tour via bus and had a great time seeing the sights. We had lunch at the Singapore Botanical Gardens and I spent some time at the Borders Book Store. I picked up THE NANNY DIARIES and will hopefully get started reading that this week.
Here are some pics from our trip. The first few are of Hong Kong and the last ones are from Singapore.

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And August's Book Will Be....

...The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus.  I will be buying my copy at the Borders Store in Singapore next week!  I leave tomorrow morning for Hong Kong to meet up with my friend Jesse on her business trip and then Tuesday we fly down to Singapore for the rest of next week.  
I hope you all enjoyed THE RED TENT and are having fun with this book club.  Please e-mail your friends from near and far the link to Planet Books so more can enjoy reading these great books with us.  
I look forward to reading THE NANNY DIARIES with you and  seeing what the rest of 2007 brings us in ways of books.